FOF Mama & Baby Fit

FOF Mama & Baby Fit

Mama & Baby Fit Fall with Cindy, is a unique, total body, exciting fitness program designed especially for postnatal mamas. Mamas and babies will be outside this fall as much as possible. Mamas and babies inside classes are total body strength training with a focus on kettlebells. There are 2 classes weekly, 10:30am Tuesday and Thursday with 4 week sessions.

Mama & Baby Fit outside is the best stroller workout with baby to get you moving, getting in shape in that crisp fall air. Our outside classes are the ultimate mood-lifting, energizing workouts you can give yourself! Classes take place  in different parks and trails around the city, such as Bannerman, Signal Hill, Long Pond and Bowring Park.  Updates are posted in our Facbook group, and by email as needed.

Mama & Baby Fit in-studio is the best Strong Mom Workout with your baby! The classes are fun, unique, efficient and effective.  Kettlebell workouts for moms is a game-changer for eveything you do every single day taking care of your baby and gettin' stuff done!

Can you think of a better way to get fit, get strong, meet other moms during the most precious first year with your baby? 

Our new inside location is an exciting new adventure into a new immaculate studio on 60 O'Leary Ave, with A/C, ample parking, easy access entry and two beautiful spacious washrooms inside the workout area for mamas and babies. 

Mama Questions:

1. What happens if I miss a class? Talk to Cindy about arranging another class in the same 4 week session. Makeup classes in non-mama classes are an option. 🙂

2. What if I would like to do 3 classes weekly? Ask Cindy

3. Can I register by email tranfer? Yes! The email is:

Classes are limited to 10 moms and babies for personalised training and social distancing. In case of inclement weather, and as it gets colder, classes will be at 60 O'Leary Ave. inside the the brand new Cirqueletics studio. 

Click HERE Far Out Fitness to take a look behind the scenes with Cindy. 


Mama & Baby Class Details 

10:30am Tuesday & Thursday

Session 1: September 14 - October 7

Session 2: October 12 - Novemebr 4

Session 3: November 9 - December 2

$120 +hst each 4 week session

Check out all class options! 


Outside on trails and parks in the city

Bannerman, Bowring Park, Long Pond, Signal Hill 

Inside at 60 O'Leary Ave, Cirque'letics Studio


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  • September 14- October 7 / 2 classes weekly for each 4 week session / 10:30am Tuesday & Thursdays $120+hst
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