Welcome to Mommy & Me Time!

Welcome to Mommy & Me Time!

Mommas give so much to babies, their families, and our communities just by being mommas. You deserve every hug and smile you get back to grow, feed, cuddle, play and raise these small humans. I was once told to enjoy every moment of becoming a new mom; that it would be most love I would ever experience; that this small child would melt my heart over and over again. IT IS ALL TRUE.

Welcome to Mommy-time where love is big, tears of joy and fatigue are plenty and getting back in shape means more than ‘losing the baby weight’. Get out, meet other moms, get active and make this the best mommy-baby bonding time of your life!

We love to spread Mommy & Me wellness all around. Come meet us, have a coffee, and chat to start your Mommy & Me experience.

Our Mommy & Me Specialties:

  • Prenatal Fitness YOUR Go-To prenatal fitness class with Krystal, our fit momma coach who’s been through the whole journey too.
  • Postnatal Fitness YOUR Back-in-Shape postnatal fitness class where Mummy’s Tummy works hard and Mommy-Baby Bond starts.
  • Back-to-work Family Fitness YOUR Maintenance fitness class keep what you worked for, still bring your tots to play our babysitter right alongside. NEW this month is Kettlebell Coed Classes for mommy and daddy to workout together!

SUMMER DEAL! Register for THREE and get your FOURTH class FREE!
YOUR fitness lifestyle weighs far more than weight! Meet your Fitness Family and READ MORE HERE.



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