Spring Nutrition Challenge

Spring Nutrition Challenge

A Spring Nutrition Challenge to Lift your winter blues & refresh your meal plans for a healthier, fitter YOU. 
This crazy sexy simpler lifestyle really works!

Learn more and register here: Spring Nutrition Challenge

  • Goal Setting for Nutrition
  • Learn to create your Meal Plan
  • Submit Food Journals for weekly feedback
  • Learn to begin mood journals to connect your body & mind
  • Commit to long-term healthy habits
  • Small Personalized weekly Meetings online, on Skype or in-person.
  • Batch Cook, Plan Meals, Choose Healthier  Foods
  • Chat online for support and guidance, along with in-class time.
  • Please email to discuss your commitment prior to registration. This is personalized class with only those committed to making a change for your success.

Become a happier, healthier you with our Spring Nutrition Challenge.
A New Spring YOU!

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