Personal Training with Cindy

Let’s customize your fitness plan to get stronger over the holiday season and into the New Year.

  • Workout at home with your trainer and/ or in class.
  • Work core and improve posture daily.
  • Improve strength and endurance with body bearing resistance, kettlebells and other space efficient, portable exercise equipment. 
  • Learn more relaxation exercises.

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Personal Training Program Options:

Option 1: THREE in-home sessions per week (9 total in-home) PLUS THREE Studio classes $399+hst

Option 2: FOUR in-home sessions per week (12 total in-home) PLUS THREE Studio Classes $499+hst

Option 3: FIVE in-home sessions per week (15 total in-home)  PLUS THREE FREE Studio Classes $599+hst

Option 4: TWO online sessions per week (6 total online) PLUS THREE Studio Classes $99+hst

Make it a Merry FIT-MAS!  Cindy

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Cindy Butt

Cindy specializes in Kettlebell Workout for Women & Kettlebell Mommas to help ladies get stronger for every day life. She plans healthy foods with her husband and little boy weekly. We like delicious, easy to cook and healthy. 

You will learn to choose healthy choices in all facets of life. You will reduce wear and tear on your body in daily function. You will build confidence in a strong, health new you. 

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Personal Training Programs

Customize your fitness plan and workout at home!


Build your own home workout space.

Choose to workout one-on-one or in a semi-private group.

Focus on your fitness goals for real results.

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