Benefits of Hooping

Hoop Fitness ClassWhy Hoop?

We started hooping for the fun of it.  We brought our hoops everywhere from parties to camping to get others to laugh along with us.

We soon realized that there were far more health benefits to all this fun.  We consider hooping to be a gift to your heart.

Here’s why:

We’ve organized Hooping Hours to get friends together to have fun in the park and to learn practice & share hoop moves.  As the music picks up tempo, you start to move that hoop to the beat, the cardio pumps your heart, the hoop wraps around your core muscles, conditioning your abdominals and lower back.

Once you have the confidence to take more risks with your hoop, you can incorporate hoop moves all over your body working to build cardiovascular endurance and to condition thighs, buttocks & arms.

Hooping is also a form of dance as you use music to develop rhythm, coordination and even balance. Hooping is fun fitness that relieves your stress and relaxes your mind.  You just need to focus on moving to keep that hoop off the ground.

My dad, at 65 years of age, made a goal to hoop at least 200 rotations every morning to improve his lower back strength and it helps.

Hooping …Fun…Fitness …Friends…Healthy

  • Strengthens your core
  • Tones your abs
  • Works your cardio
  • Improves your mood
  • Enhances coordination and balance
  • Makes you smile Smile