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Stroller Fit – Mom & Baby Workout

GET Stroller Fit moms and dads with your baby in a full body workout outdoors! We hit the trails and parks all around the city with babies, tots and even both in double strollers. Moms and dads can sign up and get all the fresh air benefits …

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Hoop Fit for Beginners

GET Hoop Fit and learn to hula hoop. This class is for beginners to get started with a new, fun workout for core and total body conditioning! You’ll learn a whole lotta hoop moves for all those nice summer days in the park, on a beach and in your own backyard!

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Strong Mommas Workout

COMING BACK THIS FALL! Look for Strong Mommas again this fall! Our Strong Mommas program is designed to get moms fit, get back in shape and even stronger than before baby. Learn to lift Kettlebells safely and properly, so your little baby bells and everything else is easier to lift! PLUS our babysitter is right alongside us! Mommas can come without babies too!

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