FarOut Fitness Policies

General Policies

  • Your first time class trial is free dependent upon space availability.
  • Classes are 1 weekly, 2 weekly, 3 or 4 weekly for a 12 week session. We offer you monthly installments to benefit from your full session commitment.
  • Full session payments include savings applicable such as a longer month, a full session to arrange makeup classes.  The wallet friendly monthly installments give you more savings and more classes.
  • Passes and Drop in is available in some classes, dependant upon availability and the nature of the curriculum. The passes and Drop in are full prices.
  • Class makeup due to participant illness is possible through pre-arranged time dependent upon space availability.
  • Please be considerate of our facilities and students, we kindly ask that you remove all boots and shoes in the porch. Please refrain from walking on studio floors with outdoor shoes.

Cancelled Class Policy

  • If classes are cancelled due to teacher illness or performance obligations the classes missed will be rescheduled at a suitable time.
  • classes are cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control (inclement weather, power outages, etc) the classes will not be rescheduled. Students may arrange a makeup class in another similar class.
  • All class updates are posted on our FarOut Fitness Facebook Page and out FarOut Fitness Facebook Group.

Payment Structure

  • Classes are arranged in sessions of certain number of weeks. Your first class is free and you can register for the session or passes for classes that permit passes. Drop in & passes are available is some classes if there is a base number of participants.
  • There are NO REFUNDS. If you have a medical note, we can arrange a credit for a set amount to use in future.
  • Registration and passes are not transferable to another member.
  • Payments accepted online through credit or paypal. In studio through Square payment or cash.
  • Pay It Forward classes are arranged periodically to support our chosen fundraisers where we accept cash donations.
  • Family gathering socials are arranged for small fee where we accept cash.

Thank you all! 

Cindy and our FOF Team