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Stroller Fit

GET Stroller Fit with your baby in a full body workout outdoors! We hit the trails and parks all around the city with babies, tots and even both in double strollers. Get all the fresh air benefits …

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Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder  Do you have SAD & feel bad, ’cause you’re not sad? Here are 8 strategies I use during SAD season every year. 1.  Light Therapy Lamp to wake up in the morningWhen the seasons change and we wake up in the dark and come home in the dark, it is difficult for most […]

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Kettlebell Mommas

Bring your baby along, get fit and strong.
Kettlebell Mommas is the postnatal fitness program for mommas to get fit, get back in shape and even stronger than before baby.

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