Seasonal Affective Disorder

Do you have SAD & feel bad, ’cause you’re not really sad?

Every single year it creeps up on me. Here’s what we do & I do mean we, as in my family does it with me for us.

1. Use a Sun Lamp to wake up in the morning

When the seasons change and we wake up in the dark and come home in the dark? We have our super duper Light Therapy lamp, The Nature Bright Per3, set to come on 5:30am and gradually brighten to simulate the sun. Ours is about 6 years old now and was purchased at a local Lawtons Healthcare It has the recommended 10,000 lumens and was not covered under our insurance. You should check yours. We also just got another smaller portable, rechargeable Philips goLite Blu for office and travel. I just started carrying mine around again today!

2. Wear Fun Colours

I love to brighten up my wardrobe especially for working out with fun, funky leggings from our own Wicket Fit and my fav online store Fabletics. Hey some of you may not like it, be ready for it or maybe you’re in a business attire profession. So have fun & go subtle. Here’s a fun idea, Stripy Rainbow Fingerless Knit Gloves. Maybe you know a local knitter who would hook us up!

3. Be Aware of Your Triggers 

Do you start to crave sugars in darkness? Oh yeah, I hear you. It crept up on me again. So this weekend I had to just get outside and absorb whatever sun & crisp, cool air I could. I made myself aware that I needed to get back on my yummy greens & protein shakes to feel good. And get in some water instead of coffee as it turns colder. I love by 80/20 principle. Allow healthier choice treats like dark chocolate, even one block a day, can keep your binges at bay. I love Lindt Ecuador dark chocolate & it’s lower in sugars than the rest. 

4. Workout!

What moves YOU? I love variety, always did. You really have to find your fit, incorporate your family & friends to create a lifestyle. FarOut Fitness exists with a fitness variety to reach out to you. We have trainers specialized in their discipline to keep you moving & motivated. I actually love to be active with my family and it works!

5. Eat Local Produce

Love grocery shopping with a trip to Lester's Farm on Brookfield Rd., Fagan’s Veggie Truck in Churchill Sq. or visit the St. John's Farmer's Market every Saturday at the Lion’s Chalet. You just feel yourself get healthier with delicious local produce.

6. Hugs

Hugs build trust, exchange energy, open communication to give and receive. It opens your chest to stand tall and wraps your arms to feel comfort. Hugs are human touch vitamins. Go give some out today! Read a book on Hugs by Robert Munch while hugging.

7. Get Outside. Get Into Nature

We create a Nature Challenge each year & invite all you folks to join us. Let’s all get outside with friends and family, get into Nature & experience all the health benefits in as little as 15-30 minutes a day. Check our FarOut Fitness Facebook page to see what we're up to in nature. Read up on all the benefits you can experience too. Read more about this Need for Nature in Women's Health Magazine.

8. Sleep Well

This can change your entire day! Limit caffeine. I know, it’s cruel, but I had to do it too. Avoid eating before bed. A full belly can make you very uncomfortable. I know this one too. Limit alcohol. Too much can interfere with your sleep while one small 6 oz glass of wine may be perfect before bed on occasion. Thank Heaven, she says! Keep the room cool and use more blanket or a heated blanket for warmth. Get yourself a nice memory foam to top your mattress and a comfy pillow for your zzzzzz.

9. Surround Yourself with Positive Energy

We all know the old saying ‘misery loves company’, so I challenge you & I challenge myself daily to beat that saying out of our bodies and create a new thought pattern. Change your language, change you ‘don’ts’ to ‘dos’. That’s your homework. Find a proactive solution that brings you power and confidence to change. This comes from my own experience as a mom in daily decisions on how we want to raise our son. It also comes from a need to change my fears & create opportunity. I work on this daily and even more when depression or anxiety strikes. This may be the biggest challenge and requires all of the above to become a daily practice. You can create this pattern with your kids too, as they deal with fears like nightmares. I ask my little boy to think of a happy memory, so when he does have a nightmare, I encourage him to think of the happy thought over and over.

10. List What You Appreciate & All Your Strengths

Write it down, keep it near & stay true to your heart. The closer your mind & your heart, the closer you are to being you and being happy. The further you are, the bigger the disconnect, the more you avoid taking care of you. You have to take care of you, before you can truly take care of others.

Every year it happens and every year, I prepare to reduce the negative impact of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) by using healthy mind strategies to deal with it and be more proactive in my own healthcare.

Tell me what works for you. Join me in a weekly Nature Challenge to get out there together. Go get some hugs, get outside & have some fun!


Motivational leader in health & wellness, Post-Natal Fitness Expert

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