Seasonal Affective Disorder

Do you have SAD? Here are 8 strategies I use during SAD season every year ’cause it’s hard!

1.  Light Therapy Lamp to wake up in the morning

When the seasons change and we wake up in the dark and come home in the dark, it is difficult for most of us. Those of us dealing seasonal affective disorder often experience depression for the entire season of shorter, darker days. My Light Therapy lamp is an essential part of my wake up routine. It’s a  Nature Bright Per3, set to come on 5:30am and gradually brighten to simulate the sun. It is now 10 years old It has the recommended 10,000 lumens for SAD. I just purchased a Verilux Happy Light V32 from Costco with 10,000 lux for my kitchen and living room area. It’s actually on sale right now which is quite awesomely appropriate. They have gotten  slimmer and less expensive the the past 10 years. 🙂 Check out your insurance folks, in case you have coverage!

2. Wear Fun Colours

I love to brighten up my mood with vibrant colours in socks, gloves, legwarmers, tuques, scarves, underwear and even lipstick can help you smile. 🙂 

3. Eat Green

Do you start to crave sugars in darkness? I do! Eat yummy green vegetables to help your belly feel good and help your sugar cravings. Buy local produce from Lester’s, on Brookfield Rd, Fagan’s Truck in Churchill Sq. and the St. John’s Farmers’ Market.

4. Get Outside. Get Into Nature. Get Moving.      

I actually love to get outside with friends and family, get into Nature & experience all the health benefits, SAD knocks me down every fall and this one is already hitting me hard. Join me on a Hike & Hot Chocolate over the fall and winter! 

5. Hugs

Hugs build trust, exchange energy, open communication to give and receive. It opens your chest to stand tall and wraps your arms to feel comfort. Hugs are human touch vitamins. Go give some out today!

6. Sleep Well

This can change your entire day! Limit caffeine. I know, it’s cruel, and I need to remember this right now. Avoid eating before bed. A full belly can make you very uncomfortable and I also need to remember this! I know this one too. Limit alcohol. Too much can interfere with your sleep while one small 6 oz glass of wine may be perfect before bed .  We need each other to get through this people. Keep the room cool and use more blanket or a heated blanket for warmth. Get yourself a nice memory foam to top your mattress and a comfy pillow for your zzzzzz.

7. Surround Yourself with Positive Energy

We all know the old saying ‘misery loves company’. I challenge myself daily to create a more positive pattern. Fearful, negative messages can get more intense during SAD season. I have been practicing my language, my choice of words and work to change my ‘don’ts’ to ‘dos’. I am working on my ‘but’ too, as in; “It is sunny, but cold”. I am practicing: It’s sunny and cold, so you can keep Debbie Downer away. 

8. List What You Appreciate & All Your Strengths

Write it down, keep it near & stay true to your heart. The closer your mind & your heart, the closer you are to being you and being happy. The further you are, the bigger the disconnect, the more you avoid taking care of you. Take care of you to be present with others. <3 

Tell me what works for you. Cindy