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Butt Blaster Fitness

Butt Blaster is back, especially designed by me, Cindy Butt! I am gonna get your butts moving to train outside and get fit with a your new fitness buddies. Every workout is a different to keep you motivated and excited for a weekly butt kickin’! Workout, take in fresh air endorphins, improve your endurance and strength without even realizing you’re working out!

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Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness Create the Corporate Fitness Challenge ​Improve corporate wellness by fun fitness team building. You need a healthier, a happier workplace to get things done! You’re all too busy to get fit, so contact Cindy and say “My corporation needs you to get us fit. ” Let’s build your challenge to fit your needs. Get MotivatedSet […]

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Fire Up Your Wellness Warrior

Fire Up Your Wellness Warrior 3 Tips to get outside, get into Nature & Fire Up Your Wellness Warrior 1. Family & Friends Get your family and friends outside, no matter the season for some fun in nature. Go for walks, instead of coffee. HALT! Go for a walk, then coffee, now that’s better. Make […]

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