Fire Up Your Wellness Warrior

Fire Up Your Wellness Warrior

3 Tips to get outside, get into Nature & Fire Up Your Wellness Warrior

1. Family & Friends

Get your family and friends outside, no matter the season for some fun in nature. Go for walks, instead of coffee. HALT! Go for a walk, then coffee, now that’s better. Make dates to feed the ducks, go sliding, take a hike, pick berries, buy local produce at a farm.

2. Food

Take lunch outside at times. A warm thermos of soup, or hot cocoa feels so much better outside. Does anyone remember boil ups in the woods with families and friends. yummy!

3. Fitness

Find a fitness class that gets you outside for seasonal sports. There are so many. Winter so many folks visit Bannerman Loop, go snowshoeing in Pippy Park and on our beautiful East Coast Trails. SPRING is coming everyone. Get your waterproof runners, rubber boots or bogs and enjoy lighter days ahead. Find outside fitness to compliment your inside fitness interests. Get your bikes and hikers out of storage. Do you have friends who’ve been hibernation through the winter. Call/ text them to enjoy an evening stroll with a harbour view.

Wellness Warriors take nature quite seriously for whole body-mind health. We know that getting active in Nature, to breathe that crisp, fresh air is an addictive experience. Making it part of your routine, a family or friend activity with your doggies is a great way to spread positive energy and fire up MORE wellness warriors.

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