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Kettlebell Yoga Sweaty Sundays

Kettlebell Workout for Women: Strength training for women to build your core strength, grip strength, improve ankle and foot weakness, practice balance, improve muscular imbalances and postural alignment.

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Breaking down Labels for Good, Clean Nutrition

Breaking down Labels   Are you confused when reading nutritional value on labels in the grocery store? Many people are and it’s no surprise considering how food industry markets their products. Too many times we can be tricked into thinking foods are healthy by the way it is named. Proceed with caution folks.     […]

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Empowerment nourishes your Soul

Empowerment nourishes your Soul   Do you struggle with weight loss? muscle gain? guilt loss, confidence gain? Do you eat to live or live to eat? Do you workout and not lose a pound?   My journey to health & happiness is the seedling of Nourishment; Mind, Body, Soul   I do not give up. […]

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