Kettlebell Yoga Sweaty Sundays

Kettlebell Yoga Sweaty Sundays

Kettlebell Yoga 9:30am Sweaty Sundays are especially designed to improve strength, posture breathing and flexibility. It's the perfect combo workout!

Kettlebell training will engage your total body in its  efficient, effective and dynamic strength movement. That was what got me back in 2010 when I started the Kettlebell Teacher Training Level I followed by KJam kettlebell Group Teacher Training. 

I became an aerial yoga lover in spring 2019 to help me with my own need for focus, calm, focus and flexibiliity, which led me to Yoga Teacher Training NL 2020 with Shakti Yoga. Kettlebell and Yoga helped me realize how essential a strength and flexibilty routine is for women, especially  through the different stages of life. 

Kettlebell Yoga Health Benefits

  • Mindfulness: movement, breathe, better sleep, better awareness hormones and health
  • Posture: improved postural alignment, improved strength building for neck and back 
  • Breathe:  Improved focus, movement, better mindfulness connection to help anxiety and depression

This is a fun and very unique resistance class to help you feel stronger and confident in your daily lives. 

Class Details  

10am - 10:50am Sundays
$60+hst each 4 week session
Session 1: September 12 - October 3
Session 2: October 17 - November 14
Session 3: November 21 - December 12


60 O'Leary Ave., St. John's NL
Cirque'letics Studio

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