Breaking down Labels for Good, Clean Nutrition

Breaking down Labels


Are you confused when reading nutritional value on labels in the grocery store?

Many people are and it’s no surprise considering how food industry markets their products. Too many times we can be tricked into thinking foods are healthy by the way it is named. Proceed with caution folks.



I am Celiac therefore follow a Gluten Free Diet, but I also eat clean and they are not the same concept just so you know. I could still eat highly processed, high sugar gluten free foods IF I wanted to, but I would feel like crap! So here it goes.

This week I am meeting my nutrition group for some hard core research in the grocery store to make it all clear.

1. Nutrition Facts: What you get per serving.

The trick is to then see how many serving are in the food so you know the total if you were planning to eat the whole item.
You may be shocked and reconsider some common buys.

2.  Amount: Calories, fats, sodium, carbohydrates, sugar, protein, fiber in the serving size listed.

  • Clean eating means you want to avoid added sugars, added sodium and the bad fats (trans fats).
  • Sugars should be 0 most times. Cleaner sweet choices are honey and agave. A nice treat size is ½ teaspoon.
  • I emphasize that while honey and agave are clean choices, they are also in the treat part of our meal plan, so quite sparingly.
  • I like to have it in my coffee on the weekends as a treat.
  • Protein is in super foods like quinoa noodles or Greek yogurt that naturally has protein.
  • Fibre by the whole grain unrefined foods.
  • Good fats are ok and in food with nuts, fish flax. You need them! Bad fats are in potato chips, fries, fast foods.
  • Carbs are not bad. You need them but the clean choice is complex carbs meaning a whole grain, NOT a white refined carb. What the diff? A nice whole grain carb is brown flour flax pancakes as opposed to the refined white flour pancake.

3. Vitamins & Minerals: Vitamins A, B6, B12, C, Iron, Calcium, Zinc are listed on bottom and it is recommended to have 100% of each vitamin and mineral.

  • I leave this to clean healthy eating plus any particular deficiencies as regularly tested by a specialist.
  • Many people in North America take Vitamin D due to lower sun exposure.
  • Celiac people commonly take extra vitamin B6, B12, D, calcium, and iron depending on each individual case.
  • Many people with bowel disorders and anemia often need iron supplements.
Clean Grocery Carts
  • You will start looking at your clean grocery cart with pride like a new vibrant dress!
  • Take a pic and send to me as you transform your grocery cart look.
  • Shop the perimeter!!! You will find your trip to the grocery store easier as you stop buying foods with many ingredients.
  • Buy REAL food fruit & veggies
  • Buy REAL lean cut meats
  • Buy local, Go to Lester’s!
  • Buy frozen veggies & berries
  • Buy canned goods with low to no sodium and just the one food inside
  • Buy lots of eggs
  • Buy milks, skim, almond, coconut or coconut-almond milk
  • Buy popcorn kernels & carrot for you real food crunch
  • Buy honey or agave for your treat
  • Buy steel cut oats
What to Expect
  • Get real folks and watch your hair & nails grow faster.
  • Watch fat loss and muscle gain especially with a custom cardio, endurance and resistance training 3 times a week.
  • Feel energy in the morning.
  • Feel energy in your typical afternoon crash time.
  • Poop more! Pee more!
  • Feel happy to go to the local farm or grocery store to get the food that you know does all this to your body.

Love it! Just love it!