FOF Private & Semi-Private Lessons

FOF Private & Semi Private Lessons

One-On-One or Group of Three 

Cindy offers personalized plans in yoga. aerial yoga, Latin dance and kettlebell training for women over 40.  Workshops, classes or sessions are designed to make particular needs,  fun, mood-boosting, unique and energizing. Cindy also offers these classes in French and English.

Private lessons: 1 lesson $50 / Set of 5 lessons $200

Semi-private: 1 hour Max. 3 people $100 / Set of 5 lessons $400

Class Details

Personal & Small Group Training

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This is a fun, functional body and mind personalized program designed for YOU to make it fit in your lifestyle.

Cindy Butt

Founder| Owner | Healthy Living Lover

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Cindy Butt’s FAR OUT FITNESS- The Story

Every woman deserves to be nurtured with reconnection and attention;
to practice self-care in welcoming, nature-rich settings;
where we can embrace nouveau to find freedom, adventure, and personal expression.
Experience wellness from the soul of a teacher, a fitness professional, and a mother who is living proof that when it comes to creating a more powerful you, feeling far out in any way, is a-ok.


Nature. Nurture. Nouveau.

Hear From Our Members


So stormaggedon 2020 was a true test for functional fitness! I spent a total of 6 hours that Saturday, 5 hours that Sunday ( no breaks) and 2 hours Monday on shovelling clean up and tree dismantling. No snow blower only scoops and shovels. As I could not access a chain saw I used a bowsaw to manually saw the branches off a large tree which capsized on my car. That took hours as well. As for my back? Zero issues ..... none. As a fifty plus lady there is no way I would have managed what I did without the benefits of the kettlebell training I get from Cindy M Butt.



I understand the benefits and importance of exercise to one's physical, emotional and mental well-being.

I  used hula hooping and Zumba to overcome depression at different life stages. I know that exercise, a clean diet and a sense of belonging to a caring community.

I love Kettlebell classes to for strength and endurance, Yoga for much needed flexibility and destressing my mind and body. I am now passionate about self-care and helping other women take care of themselves physically and mindfully. This is my lifestyle in the FOF community. 



If I were to explain what Cindy and Far Out Fitness mean to me, I would have to say that both have been life-changing.

Cindy has created a community of fitness-oriented women at Far Out Fitness, who are supportive and kind, and all like getting sweaty together! ;) It isn't just fun, either. Cindy's classes are supported by many hours of training and planning and experience. I highly recommend any and all of her classes, which teach skills and techniques to become healthier and stronger, while allowing people to go at their own pace. 

Something I appreciate and like about FOF is the range of ages and people that attend Cindy's classes. There is no set age or lifestyle that you need to fit to take these classes. And during the pandemic, Cindy's online teaching and technology skills have really blossomed. She is a pro at holding live fitness classes and sending out recordings to subscribers. I am lucky enough to be able to take advantage of these classes, which I really enjoy. 

Cindy herself is kind, compassionate, silly, fun, and highly knowledgeable. I would recommend anyone to take her classes, either in person or online. She's definitely changed my life for the better. :) I am thankful that I met Cindy and that I have become part of the FOF family.