5 Fall Fit Tips

5 Fall Fit Tips

Say that 5 times!

Does Back to School leave your fitness routine at bay? Do you procrastinate with every excuse from waiting until Monday to waiting for more money to waiting for more time until it’s Christmas and you feel like poop? If this happens to you, you are not alone. Fitness & nutrition are among the top items to push aside when times get busy. So I am here to help you step back in the arena now. Here are 5 Fall Fit Tips for your fitness routine with family wellness and quality time as a priority for a happier, healthier life.

1. Prepare a family calendar

As a busy mom with a busy family, we struggled with being overwhelmed with too many commitments. We now use google calendar to insert all classes, activities, play dates, mommy-daddy dates, financial planning, etc. We complete the calendar as accurately as possible by month and season. Our FOF calendar is part of this system. It’s synced with my personal calendar and my clients can copy it to their own calendar. This simple routine allows us to plan down time and prevent over-booking which is essential to our family health. If you prefer a paper calendar, or white board calendar, you can do the same,

2. Set realistic fitness goals

When your schedule fills up shorten your workouts to make it happen. Be realistic about your time frame and find the fitness training you love that fits your lifestyle. Consistency and routine is always best for your health. A busy, healthy parent is a happier parent to play with the family. The best fitness choice is a routine you love. Then you do the research or ask a professional for your best option. When times get busy, I highly recommend a great Kettlebell Workout. It is fast, efficient, effective and functional with results to improve your cardiovascular, endurance and strength training. You can do 12-20 minutes 2-3 times a week and feel great!

3. Play Outside for  feel good endorphins

Dress for the weather changes and get outside to play. It’s time to layer and enjoy the fall colours. There’s no such thing as bad weather, it’s all about appropriate clothing.

Be ready for the weather and have fun in Newfoundland.

a) Dress in layers – A thin wicking layer like silk, polyester or nylon; fleece or polyester should follow for easy movement; a waterproof, wind-resistant layer like Gore-Tex or another man-made synthetic; long underwear and/ or snowpants or waterproof pants.
b) Keep it loose – Wear loose clothing for fluid movement to generate body heat.
c) Less is more – Less good quality clothing will keep you warmer than overdressing. If you get too hot and sweat, it will make you cold. d) Avoid cotton next to the skin – Choose wool, silk, synthetic that do not absorb water such as sweat. Cotton will absorb sweat and make you cold.
e) Keep your feet dry – Wear wool socks and water-resistant insulated boots to keep dry and warm.
f) Bring accessories – Bring warm hats, mittens and scarves or a balaclava. Cover your ears, buy water-resistant fabric for wet and snow activities. Bring hot pockets as a back up in case you still get cold. A thermos of hot cocoa is always nice to add to your outside activities for warmth and pleasure. It is always a great idea to wear goggles or sunglasses for bright, white snow and a flashlight for early sunsets.

4. Buddy systems in fitness

Catch up with a friend with a workout instead of a coffee (or have your coffee after the workout). Buddies make fitness more fun, social and it makes you accountable to one another. Choose your buddy wisely and commit to a date weekly. Start small and only increase as you can. It takes 6-8 weeks to see benefits of any new routine, so steady and consistent reaps rewards.  Enrichment Fitness Plan Fill a brown bag of fitness exercises you can do at home with the family when you can’t get out or just to pass on a healthy lifestyle where fitness is a priority in your family quality time. You can also use it for yourself, for travel workouts of a healthy work initiative. There is a calendar of activities below that are easy to do in short bursts in many places. So get your fitness on!

The way you think, Is the way you feel, Is the way you act. GO FOR IT!!

Cindy is a Motivational Coach in holistic health for ladies & families. She owns & operates FarOut Fitness in St. John’s, NL, a Wellness Centre for women. It was created from her personal quest for whole health & happiness, as a highly active career women, a mom with a family. Cindy has a B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed. with personal training & nutrition certifications. She is a teacher at heart having taught French Immersion junior high for 16 years before moving on into the world of Entrepreneurial Wellness. Cindy is passionate about giving ourselves the gift of love is the route to deep mind, body, soul connectivity & happiness.