Custom Hula Hoops

The Hoops

Forget the fragile, practically weightless hoops you buy at the toy store.  Hot hoops are customizable, durable and heavy enough to give you a workout! Check out the benefits of hooping.

Try our large hoops if you are a beginner, or get a smaller one if you’re a bit more advanced.  You’ll be amazed how well you can use our hoops!


The color of your hoop is very important.  Your hoop is an expression of who you are, and its design should make an impact.  That is why we have a variety of colors to choose from, and the colors of your hoop can be customized to suit your unique personality.  You may choose one sparkly and two fabric colours for your hoop.


Appropriate hoop size is determined by your hooping skill and experience.  A large hoop is heavier and spins slower, allowing more room for error for beginner hoopers, and a laid back hooping experience for pros.  For most beginners we recommend a medium hoop, as it is large enough to offer a laid back hooping experience, yet small enough to use indoors on those rainy days when you simply can’t wait to hoop.


To ensure that our customers are able to hoop whenever and wherever they please, we offer collapsible hoops, which can easily be carried in one hand, placed in a medium sized suitcase, or tied to a backpack.

Get Your Custom Hoop

Hula Hoops come in custom size and colours:  Standard Hoops / Hoops for Tots & Kids / Collapsible Hoops / Trick Hoops.

You can order your custom hula hoop here.


Hot Hoop- Hula Hoops with Style
kids & trick hoops30$
small, medium, large adult hoop 1.5lb45$
small, medium, large adult collapsible hoop 1.5lb62$
medium, large adult 3lb hoop55$




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