Emotional Eating – Help!

Are you frustrated with old habits?

  • How many times have you tried to start living healthy, start eating healthy, start an exercise program?
  • How many times have you lasted for about 2 weeks and then lost it?
  • Have you ever tried to figure out what triggers you to step away from the new healthy goal you made?
  • If healthy living feels so good, why is it so hard to maintain? Thinking you can’t maintain it may even encourage you to avoid trying.
  • How about the time you did really well and started to lose weight, feel better, loved the class then ate a whole big bags of chips and decided you couldn’t do it anymore?


Same Story, Different Trigger?

StressedDessertsNow let’s substitute the ‘bag of chips’ for ‘a bottle of wine’, ‘a 2L of Pepsi’, ‘a tub of ice cream’, ‘a huge spending spree’, ‘a cigarette or 2 or 3’. What is really happening and how does it affect our attempts to eat clean, eat healthy, exercise, and feel good?

I truly believe that to help guide people and myself to healthy eating, we have to make time to do it in baby steps, where we learn to take care of ourselves and avoid quitting too fast. Weight loss is the tip of the iceberg. So it is not easy since we have to start from the inside out. We have to learn our triggers, our addictions, what is a healthy treat and what is an emotional response to stress. Then we have to set goals to change our behaviour in order to make progress.

If we have a glass of wine with because we are celebrating Eating Clean for 6 weeks, it is a positive feeling that will not destroy attempts at healthy balance.

However, let’s take that glass of wine (or insert a temptation here) and a high stress day. Instead of a positive feeling, we are using the wine to relax. Many of you know that the wine, or chips, or bar turns into more than you intended and at that moment, you feel horrible, you feel guilt and you feel that you’ve failed…. IF it’s for the wrong reasons. Sometimes this can happen often enough to stop you from exercising too.

Seems simple and obvious doesn’t it? But it keeps happening over and over to many people. Let’s now look at ourselves and what we do. What is the trigger for this, if it happens? Are we happy with our lives? Are we doing what we want OR are we doing what people expect us to do? What are OUR dreams? Is something stopping us?


Take Action & Forget Quick Fixes

ALL of this will affect any success you have with healthy balance. I know, I’ve been there and I work through negative responses often.

You may be already thinking that the food cycle alone would make someone depressed, and it does exactly that. So imagine, someone prone to depression who also faces this cycle. It can become debilitating. We need to work through our responses to stress and its connection to our health. Let’s write it in our goals, let’s make ourselves aware of it and deal with it.

That in itself is power that will make you shine from the inside out and help us make the next step.


Empower Yourself

WHAT DO YOU WANT? I am not just asking a simple question. WHAT do YOU need in your life daily to feel good and feel like yourself?

This Eat Clean nutrition program is not just a meal plan to teach you about eating clean. It is to help you figure out why you aren’t eating clean when you slip, not a treat day, I mean really slip and feel horrible. It is empowerment that you need, so eating healthy will help you have some control. YOU help me find what makes you tick, so you are happy enough to give your body good food and fun activity with friends.

From the bottom of my heart,
Love Living Healthy – Cindy Butt – www.faroutfitness.ca