Fall Family Food

Fall Family Food

Fall Tips for Family Foods that Feel Good!

Feel Grocery Cart Pride with tips that keep us healthy.

1. Have your bag of snacks and water in case the hunger monster strikes and sends you to the ‘unwanted aisles’.
2. Have your list of groceries either on you in paper form or on your phone. I love ‘cozi.com’ for grocery lists that I can simply update.
3. Pick a day that fits YOUR schedule. I like Fridays for Lester’s and after class Thursdays for Sobeys. My hubby does Costco as a guy date with our little guy.
4. Shop the perimeter of the store. Hit produce, specialty foods aisle, meats, dairy, frozen and venture into aisle for scattered items such as pharmacy, pet foods, handy canned goods.
5. Watch low fat products as they may be compensating tasted with excess sugars and salt. Read labels to compare. 0% Natural Greek Yogurt is still low in fat and sugar, plus it has more protein for slower digestion. Jackpot!
6. Look for natural sugars as opposed to added sugars. So adding fruit to your cereal is a natural sugar but adding white table sugar is not. You can add berried or dried fruit. Watch added sugars in dried fruit too.
7. All natural peanut butter is yummy and does separate from the oil. Buy it, bring it home and store upside down. After opening, it does go in the fridge.
8. Carbs are good for you and needed to function. Eat whole grains and eat in moderation. Toast for breakfast, sandwich for lunch and crackers for snacks are not in moderation. One slice whole grain toast, 1 cup oatmeal with blueberries and 2 boiled egg whites is a beautiful breakfast of whole grain carbs, simple carbs natural sugars, protein and fat.
9. Pastas are great in moderation. Choose the whole grain or quinoa pastas for more fiber and less sugar.
10. Buy it in bulk, cook it in bulk and plan for leftovers. The crockpot is your friend. I love to cook 2 chickens at a time and change up my veggies. Have Fun!

Prep your Goodies

1. Store veggies together and pick one at a time to steam for each meal to dress up your protein.
2. Peel, half and Ziploc ripened bananas for the freezer. Use them to make banana ice cream, smoothies, pancakes, banana bread.
3. Any limp greens that do not get eaten in time, blend with water for veggies cubes. When frozen, pop them into a Ziploc for easy smoothie making.
4. Cut at one time, any melons of bigger items that can be cut up and stored for snacks.
5. Buy 6 re-useable bottles to have on hand to bring enough water with you on outings. Freeze some and use as a cool pack.
6. Boil 6 eggs at a time for ready-to-go snacks.
7. Crockpot 1-2 chickens to use over a couple of days with new, tasty veggies.
8. Cook 8 servings of whole grain rice at one time to add to other meals.
9. Bake 8 potatoes at once to use for leftovers.
10. Freeze it if you can’t eat it.

NUTRITION is top on our list when we leave for the day. Planning for it will keep your mind nourished, calm, clear and focused for the busy days ahead.

Our 14 Day Fall Refresh Body-Mind Nutrition is coming end of September to boost your meals just in time for Thanksgiving. Let`s give our families the yummiest fall feast of local produce & good home cooking. Learn more right here: FOF 14 Day Fall Refresh Nutrition

Cindy is a Motivational Coach in holistic health for ladies & families. She owns & operates FarOut Fitness in St. John’s, NL, a Wellness Centre for women. It was created from her personal quest for whole health & happiness as a highly active career women, a mom with a family.

Cindy has a B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed. with personal training & nutrition certifications. She is a teacher at heart having taught French Immersion junior high for 16 years before moving on into the world of Entrepreneurial Fitness & Wellness. Cindy is passionate about giving ourselves the gift of love is the route to deep mind, body, soul connectivity & happiness.