Fear is Opportunity

Fear is an Opportunity to Move Forward

Does Fear control you or is Fear an Opportunity knocking on your door?

I work with fear nowadays, however, spent most of my life in fear. As long as I can ever remember, I had cycles of anxiety & depression that paralyzed me with fear, unable to make decisions.

I am re-working my feelings about fear to breathe and mediate, to make it my challenge, my opportunity to win. I do not mean win a competition in the traditional sense, though it could happen. I mean win the confidence of taking on fears and making a goal to better it, whatever it is. No easy feat, with a force as strong as anxiety. I have systems for wellness that work and sometimes I forget to do them all too.

Here is a quote to change my thoughts on fear: “When was the last time you did something for the first time?” Author Unknown. I read it in a washroom at Cafe Deux Soleils on Commercial Drive in Vancouver, wrote it in my journal and have never forgotten it.

Systems I use daily to manage depression & anxiety:

1) Nutrition: Cooking real foods, local produce, 5-6 meals a day, side plate portions, a variety of whole grains, protein, vegetable

2) Nature: Getting out for 30 minutes each day for calm, focus, peace, fresh air, and alone time.

3) Family Time: We make an effort to schedule family meals and activities for our family health.

4) Fitness: Commitment and family planning ensures I make my fitness a priority.

5) Friends: Socializing with sincere, positive, caring friends to grow a wellness community in our lives.

6) Mind Fitness: A workout for my brain is learning to meditate, find calm, go beyond the racing & obsessive thoughts. This is even more challenging for me than physical fitness, so I like to compare it to the fitness where I feel success to take baby steps through the journey.

7) Language Pattern Interrupt: This is a practice to daily change negative thoughts and patterns into positive ones. Instead of ‘don’t, ‘never’, ‘can’t’, ‘afraid’, I try to repeat those words and thoughts to choose the positive version to impact how my body and mind will feel and process energy. I absorb energy around me, so I work at making my thought patterns confident & realistic.

Mental Health Week is marked as May 5-11. I propose a May Wellness ‘Random Acts of Hooping’ below. I believe Mental Health is everyday and as a kind friend of mine said, we are ‘Wellness Warriors’.

Some opportunities this year that started in fear, grow as confidence now:

1) Mental Health Awareness Week with Eastern Health

2) Defeat Depression Walk

3) MoMondays Inspirational Talks

4) Bell Let’s Talk at St. Paul’s Junior High about Depression (facing an abuser)

5) I Am Genie Audition about Dreams

6) Wellness Day at Holy Cross Junior High to Hoop the Grumpies Away

All this happened this year after a growing need to talk out and tell people my secret. Telling my story, to heal, to move forward and help others is a way to love myself every day and enjoy a life with my family and in my passion for wellness.

I do not proclaim that this is easy, especially when facing depression and anxiety. I do know that by a consistent daily routine to take care of my whole self, mind, body and spirit. I need to have open communication with my family to do this. I need their support to help me get through the difficult moments, days, weeks or months. I appreciate that my best friend and spouse talks to me to find the healthiest option for me without judgement. He never makes me feel stupid, unloved or unworthy for making my mind a priority.

I share for all you folks who understand this and need hope, systems and strategies to get through each day. I feel that my speaking out could help someone, so I do.

I have a great idea for you all. Hoop your grumpies away with me. Give it a try.

Our goal this month of May is to spread happiness, feel good vibes, fun & smiles by…

You guessed it, HOOPING!

Hoop anywhere, anytime with anyone. Pass it forward and take photos or videos. If you want to have a little fun with it and make it a challenge, join us by clicking HERE to see more.

Cheers to Opportunities to Move It!