HoopFitness Core Quickie

HoopFitness Core Quickie

Here’s a treat for y’all to do home, with friends and on the road.

Cindy Hooping

Waist Hooping- Choose 4 of your favorite songs.

 1. Hoop dominant side & practice your 3 hoop rescue moves: a) Go Get It, b) Paddle Turn, c) Go Faster!

2. Hoop non-dominant & practice all the rescues on the other side.

3. Hoop dominant-Keeping rescues in mind, practice holding arms straight out to side for 20 and up over heard for 20, alternating.

4. Hoop dominant with intervals of 10 sec fast hooping, 10 sec. bounces. Here is a time to try any tricks you want to practice.


BONUS Hoop Conditioning – Add 2 more songs if you are ready for the BONUS.

1. Practice your Hoop-Core Pilates Move hooping with one hand overhead in orbit and holding pilates 100 position on sits bones with knees bent and off floor, alternating feet touching floor lightly.

2. Hold Plank without the hoop for as long as you can up to 1 minute at a time. If you are not at one minute work from where you are and add 10 seconds on each week.

3. Hold your hoop in one hand directly in front of you with a straight arm for 30 seconds, switch arms and repeat.


Stretch – Choose 2 relaxing songs

Use your yoga mat for sculpting and relaxation.

Move from table top to cat & cow with deep inhalation and exhalations.

Slide back into child’s pose, letting your belly drop between knees and relax here.

Curl your toes, push off your hands to sit back on heels and come up slowly, head last and reach to the sky.



Enjoy your hoop!


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