Nature Challenge Motivation

Nature Challenge

Why did I start doing Nature Challenges and keep them going year long.






Moving out of your Comfort Zone

You all know I write honestly about my own goals and struggles. So here’s a little piece on why I say get outside and am offering up a Nature Challenge.

I survived and am living a life I never dreamed possible. I write you stories every now and then, so you know that even though I create these fun challenges and develop fitness & nutrition progression, I have come a long ways before FOF and continue to face new goals to tweak old behaviours. I hope to motivate others to take action and take life in their own hands. It makes a difference and you must be ready to face the changes you will make. Fear of the change often holds people back because as humans we like to be in a comfort zone. My experience taught me that when your comfort zone is no longer comfortable, you will make the change with nothing left to lose. This lesson popped up in a Masters course at MUN too, but means nothing without feeling it.

I didn’t just lose weight as I got healthier, I lost a lifetime of baggage, and gained muscle in my body & mind with a positive spirit!

Seasonal Change Preparations

This year I was ready, well almost ready for the fall SAD. I think that next year I will book all my doctor appointments in September and start my Nature Challenge Oct. 1 to see if I can further assist my own health. Awareness helps me accept that I am dealing with depression but I am not sad. I find it funny to write that I get SAD, but am not sad. Weird, but it helps to understand it. So this year, I talked to Cam right away, I booked my therapy and massage sessions right away. I told my team, Wanda, Julie and Katie. It caught me in centrifugal force for a short time, well a much shorter time than other years. I took a couple of nights off here and there when I knew I just needed a rest and that the exercise would not help. As you know, I will always exercise to  remain healthy on a consistent basis, so when I take a night, it is because I may need the energy to be solely on me to pull myself up again.

Everybody needs a hand to hold onto

I want to stand up and tell you all this so you know that we are not alone. We all have a story and many of us need a helping hand. It is not easy. Now I have also been making progress to help a lifetime of depression-anxiety so that is my challenge. It makes my belly and my mind super sensitive at times and eating well is a big part of helping my belly function, then breathing in crisp cool air all winter long into our winter-Spring calms my mind. Both work to keep me in a better place that when I do not follow my routine. If any of you experience belly problems like varying forms of IBS, it is positively impacted by food choices, calm, focus, fitness, well-being, stress, levels and anxiety. I have discovered personally that the more honest I am, the more I follow my routine the healthier and happier I am, as well as my guys.

Nature Challenge for me, for you, for all

So I am sending an event today that is up to you to participate and spread happy, peaceful vibes inside yourself and to others. It’s a Nature Challenge for the 21 Days, April 1 – 21. I am thinking of calling it ‘The EveryBunny Out’ Challenge:) I did it many years in secret. I am doing it now already as you see my post daily on Moving Meditation & Embracing Nature Pictures. Now I challenge you to do it for you and your loved ones for your wellness. Do something for yourself that ‘seems’ easy. Document yourself to create a routine that demands your loyalty. I take pictures to make myself accountable. Consistency works.

Don’t know what to wear, check out Cam’s guide to ‘Be Weather Wise’ & still go outside.

The prize is your happiness and often posted as challenge events for anyone on FarOut Fitness Facebook Page.

Posting our Bunny Event soon. Do you like ‘EveryBunny Out!’? Suggestions?

Love Cindy