Maybe I am stronger than I thought…

Maybe I am stronger than I thought…

Before I moved to Newfoundland I was not a sport person, not a gym person, and certainly not a runner. Also I was a massive sugar addict and on medication to control crippling insomnia.

In 2010 I attended my first hula hoop class with Cindy and that lead to following her as she started FarOut Fitness. Her encouragement and positive attitude made me think maybe I am stronger than I thought.

That first summer of butt blaster she would call me her little runner, and I thought “Maybe I am.” And so in 2013 I signed up for the Tely10, and completing that race was the best feeling ever. The sense of accomplishment was overwhelming.

Hooping-PuffinAlso because of Cindy & FOF I have explored healthier eating and alternative ways to deal with my anxiety disorder, and I now live a much more active and healthier life than I ever did before. I have been off all anti-anxiety medications for several years, which means so much to me.

Who knows if it ever would have happened if I hadn’t moved to Newfoundland (the puffin) and met Cindy (the hula hoop).

I got this tattoo to commemorate the profound influence Cindy and FarOut Fitness has had in my life.

Maggie Brown-Bury