Wanda Aylward

Wanda Aylward

Wanda understands the benefits and importance of exercise to one’s physical, emotional and mental well-being.

She used hula hooping and Zumba to overcome depression after a miscarriage and subsequent post-partum depression after the birth of her child. Exercise, a clean diet and a sense of belonging to a caring community.

FarOut Fitness helped her to work through her grief, lose the baby weight and find her self-confidence again.

She continues to strengthen her body by adding kettle bell and boot-camp style classes to her weekly regime. She is now passionate about helping other women take care of their bodies, on the inside and out.

Wanda has a martial arts background, having received her 2nd degree brown belt in Shotokan karate while in high school and continued to train in ladies kickboxing as an adult. She now co-teaches classes with FarOut Fitness and is a certified personal trainer with CanFitPro.

Wanda likes to take part in community events. She regularly hoops with Cindy in gatherings for farmers’ markets, mental health awareness and breast cancer fundraisers. She helped organize, and was a paddler for, Far Out Fitness’ 2013 Dragon Boat team. She organized our Mud Immortal team and will be racing in the Glory Dash 10 km obstacle course in October with two other FarOut Fitness members. She is also team captain for FarOut Fitness’ Bust a Move 2014 team.

Wanda has a PhD in chemistry and is a Research Associate at Memorial University. She tries to encourage active lifestyles in her coworkers by taking part in lunch time walks around Long Pond. She spends her time with her family at the parks, playing soccer in the backyard, throwing a ball around or playing tag.