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BABY & ME FITNESS with Cindy Butt
10:00 am - 11:00 am
September 1, 2014

Today's the day! Take the first step with FarOut Fitness.

A funky, fun way to get fit without counting down the minutes at the gym. Grab your sparkly, bright hula hoop, your Kettlebell & trail runners to hit up one of my Fitness classes.

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  • Fear is Opportunity

    IMG_2484 - Copy

    Fear is an Opportunity to Move Forward Does Fear control you or is Fear an Opportunity knocking on your door? I work with fear nowadays, however, spent most of my life in fear. As long as I can ever remember, I had cycles of anxiety & depression that paralyzed me with fear, unable to make read more→

  • Location-Card

I remember the exact moment that I decided to change. It was during one of Cindy's Zumba classes. It became part of my healing process. [more...]
Wanda, FOF Member

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