THREE Tips for New Moms

THREE Tips for New Moms

I wish I knew this when I became a mom.

Three tips for new moms that I wish I knew as a new momma back when I had my little boy. My journey into postnatal recovery brings me here to share easy tips to make the new mommy experience easier on your body. We are all different so it’s important to find what works for you. You’ve likely heard that having a child is the best thing in the world and that your life changes. All true. I consider it to be one of the most difficult, most empowering, most love, most heart-melting experience I have ever had. What about our bodies?

Here’s the scoop. While we are all taking care of this amazing small child who doesn’t sleep, mine didn’t, we may forget about ourselves. We are biologically set up to engage mommy brain as soon as we are preggo to help this child survive. Taking care of yourself can be a real challenge, even taking a bath seems hilarious!

Start small with these three tips for a taller, stronger you! My little boy was 3 years old, I had lost baby weight in the first year, however, I didn’t get the strength I needed. My carry shoulder, elbow and wrist weakened with wear and tear of repetitive carrying, sleeping, breastfeeding, putting baby in and out of car seats. Carrying that damn infant seat is the most awkward back breaker for moms! I hated that infant car seat! I felt so much pain that I could no longer put a purse strap on my left shoulder. The search to fix it began! (Stay tuned for MORE tips)

THREE Tips for New Moms:

  1. Sit down and make your butt work. You’ll spend more time sitting, holding, feeding, than ever before. You’ll need more than a nursing pillow. Get your butt propped up on a yoga block or a resistance ball to sit tall. It will increase your awareness of slouching and shoulder pain.
  2. Build upper body strength everyday. Roll your shoulders back and down and zip yourself up from your bellybutton to your forehead to get those core muscles working again. Note how often you may be giving your core to a comfy couch, seize the moment, let your abs lead the way.
  3. Build lower body strength everyday. You’re sitting a lot with a new baby, so squeeze that butt. Get your butt cheeks working together, then work on one butt cheek at a time. When you’re feeling like a butt cheek pro, throw in a chugga chugga choo choo with your squeezing. No one has to know, unless you start blinking your eyes to match your butt squeezes. A strong butt takes the stress off your joints!

Moms gain more confidence as they get stronger. Mommas need postnatal strength building to chase and play with your kiddies as they start moving.

Love these tips, like and share them with your momma friends. Stay tuned for more strong tips to save you a whole lotta time and dollars while you get stronger and fitter longer.  

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