THREE Tips for Women’s Wellness

THREE Tips for Women’s Wellness

I’m happy to now know that women’s wellness is body and mind.

I have focused on my body, active lifestyle, nutrition, getting fit, getting fit again for most of healthy living journey. Every year I’m gonna be fit for summer. Do you think that way too? Nature, sunlight, fresh air and the ocean breeze keeps me alive. Turns out my mind needs all that plus more! I used to ignore my mind, buried lots of stuff and powered through for as long as my body kept me going. Have any of you done that?

Women’s Wellness Body & Mind

I will often refer to a new mom’s wellness as it was a big life event that lead me to make huge decisions in my life with my family that I get to share with you all. I am lucky to  have a child at 38 after believing for so many years I couldn’t have children. What an amazing, empowering experience to grow a tiny human in my belly and give birth, then go home and make the baby survive! Like, Wow! What next?

I fell in love with this small creature in my arms and almost couldn’t believe I had him. I also couldn’t believe the next journey as a new mom. I discovered how pivotal moments in my lifetime were both positive and negative with red flags in there that started weighing down on my head. I refused to accept that I could have depression and convinced myself that the intense anxiety was my special energy. I thought I could cope as always with exercise, eating well and pushing it it all away. So I am here to tell you sometimes you may need more help than you know.  Another important point in this whole journey is that it wasn’t having a baby and becoming a mom that caused my own mental health issues. It was in fact a huge happy event that slapped me in the face to wake up, face the crap I had buried and get help! I wanted to be healthy for me, my beautiful boy and amazing spouse.

Getting my ocean air fix
Getting my nature on 2017

Stressful life events can be happy events! Getting married, buying or selling a home and the birth of a child can turn into chronic stress.

So mommas and ladies, we all hear about baby blues and postpartum depression. We may have had a history of depression before baby or other types of mental health issues.  Who wants to talk about it when it happens? Who wants to tell the family, spouse, or the workplace that you love this beautiful baby so much and you’re depressed? What does that look like in a picture? What can you do to feel better now? Start small, one day at a time to learn how to take care of your body and mind.

THREE Tips to Women’s Wellness Body and Mind

  1. Keep a journal. Get a small notebook with pen or pencil. I love pencils and gel pens. Stick them both in your purse/ wallet whatever you carry all the time. Take a few jot notes through the week to be aware of what’s happening around you, your reactions, moods, what kinds of meals, snack or exercise you are doing or want to do, what makes you feel good. This is for your awareness, so jot down whatever you want to get started.
  2. Schedule alone time. Find 15 minutes a day to start and be somewhere alone. Walk in the woods, sit on a rock, doodle, close your eyes, whatever you can do. Aim to add on 10 minutes each week for a month, working your way to 45 minutes of alone time. You don’t have to do a thing, just be.
  3. Ask for help. Look around you for options: a friend, a workout group, your family. your doctor. It can even be embarrassing to talk to someone you know. Anonymous help lines can help you get out your words and figure out what to do next. It sounds easier that it is and we really don’t have to do it all alone. Just like the Lego Movie song, Everything is better when we stick together. :)
Love these tips, like and share them with your momma friends. Stay tuned for more strong tips to save you a whole lotta time and dollars while you get stronger and fitter longer.

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